Pitch Bending / MPE / Bend Wheel

Hello everybody,

first of all i really like the sound of SublabXL and love thy Synthlike Sounddesign but i cant find a way to make custom pitchbending via automation and its basicly ESSENTIAL in terms of workflow atleast for me ,
I`ve tracked back threads talking about implementing the Custom pitchbind via the MPE feature from 3 years ago and some ppl think that its not posible bcuz its monophonic, others say it is and i dont know it,… but^^

a non-MPE workaround would be a global pitchknob/wheel

Also i got the Problem that i cant play high notes with the xSub on, would be great to have a mode where the xSub frequency is actually locked to the notes in all octaves

In another Thread only for the normal Sublab an answer from Gavin_FAW was

Hey @RealFrameData,

Can you go the “Glide” page and check what the bend range is set to?

Try setting it to “12” and adjusting the bend wheel. Let me know if it doesn’t work.Preformatted text

Of which Bend Wheel is he talking about? What i can find is the pitch bend setting in the glide tab but how to aply it?

Is this feature not available in SublabXL bcuz i cant find anything on the web to help me?

Im sorry if it is my stupidity that gets in the way but i rly rly rly REALY need your help guys <3

SublabXL almost is super professional but by know i make better slides with Serum Vital and even the Simpler/Sampler in ableton

Some ppl hate Sublab bcuz of these smaller isues but if they get fixed i would stop liking and start loving it if this one issue gets adressed,

fingers crossed