MPE and polyphony

Hello Gavin_FAW.
I have a question that might or might not be possible. Would it be possible in any future version of sublab xl to implement MPE support? (and polyphonic notes). I am wondering as it would allow for pitch bending between chords, so sublab xl could make cinematic sub-chord risers. Some synths like pigments, serum and some arturia plugins support mpe, but would rather use sublab for deep subs.
I hope my question makes sense :joy:

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You could use something like Patchwork Synth or Unify for polyphony.
I agree MPE would be sweet to be able to modulate parameters with your playing.
Vertical slide to cutoff, wiggle to tweak tape wonkiness, aftertouch to control distortion or sublayer level. Lots of possibilities.

Hello Adamate,
Interesting, I do have patchworks but never got around using it. I’m trying to find some kind of tutorial about polyphony, so you have any link please? :slight_smile: thank you for the suggestion.

I actually haven’t tried with Patchwork, and just got Unify for Black Friday. This video explains it for Unify, might be something similar for Patchwork, and if not they’d likely add it in the future

Thank you for that, will check it out.

Hey guys,

I’m aware of MPE, the only thing is that SubLab (XL) is a monophonic bass synth. The only use case I can see if for pitch bending notes in Ableton, but even then it seems like a bit tricky to do and not that useful, when compare to just doing normal glide. See below!

It makes total sense. Thank you Gavin.

Damn it seems like they dont reply in the forums at all…
The MPE thing is rly important feature to have