SubLab feature requests thread!

Hey everyone,

Just putting a thread together for SubLab feature requests.

  1. Solo/Mute mixer channels by clicking the icon on the top of the sliders.

  2. NKS!

  3. Zoom on the loaded sample.

  4. LFO that can be assigned to pertinent parameters.

  5. Load and layer more than one sample.

  6. Export/Render SubLab preset as an audio sample. (maybe have a pop-up saying the root note you want the sample rendered at).

  7. Randomise.

  8. Default loop points for samples.

Just getting the ball rolling, please add requests below.

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  • Phase dedicated tool
    (to fix phase issue with sample section/layering)

  • Unison and Voices

  • LFO addition (with it’s envelope and destinations)

  • Possibility on Sample ASR (IN . OUT Blue section) to get Curve
    (the more Curve we have the better it is)

  • SubLab as an Effect
    (Audio pass through but maybe it interfered with X-Sub Free plugin to be release)

  • Real Sidechain Listener input
    (instead to use sample section)

  • A proper Gain Reduction meter in the Compressor section


An On/Off button for each layer (synth/sample/sub), maybe on their icons/


Already in the top list, guys read the thread :slight_smile:

  1. Solo/Mute mixer channels by clicking the icon on the top of the sliders.

Haha :joy:

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It’s a big request, no doubt about that @TeKiNovah!!

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Here are a few new requests that I’ve gotten:

  • Organize imported samples into different folders

  • A surgical, parametric EQ inside the plugin (1 for the sampler and 1 for the entire patch at the end of the chain)

  • user-adjustable ADSR envelope for the X-Sub or adjustable release time

  • written user manual

  • add retrigger to oscillators


Julia recommended I posted here, after I sent lavish praise about SubLab — intriguing situation, as it’s quite a focused instrument and I don’t want it to become unnecessarily complex. I really like how it’s a straightforward solution-solver. Yet, I imagine there are myriad sonic possibilities, i.e., getting away from “subs” per se and using it as an effective impact one-shot player. That would be good ground to explore with add-on sound packs.

A few thoughts on things:

  • Solo/mute would be visually useful if muting a part also visually grays out that Green/Orange/Purple section in the UI.

  • Export processed samples would be very slick if you can drag and drop from SubLab onto your DAW timeline.

  • I’d :heart: to be able to easily assign mod wheel to one or more parameters. Not expecting a full-on mod matrix, but a simple way of just assigning a parameter and range it’s mapped to. This would make SubLab more distinct and nuanced. There are some very practical usages, for example, it’d be nice to use the mod wheel to drop the pitch 1-4 octaves for a sub bass drop. I’m glad pitch wheel is already mapped +/- 12 semitones, but on many controllers, mod wheel makes this more controllable as it’s not spring-loaded. Controlling filter cutoff, distortion drive, and crossfading in a part’s level are other practical uses.

  • Not to get too crazy here, but optional velocity sensitivity for the same reasons (more expressivity) would be great.

Thanks for such a cool tool!

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good points @TORLEY ! :heart:

Guys, we’re aiming towards next week in having a macOS beta with the mixer solo button implemented. @TORLEY, that is exactly how we are doing it, greying out the mixer slider when muted.

@TORLEY, just on the export processed samples, do you think exporting at the root note in the sampler is good or is it helpful to allow setting of a different note?

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yes, my thoughts exactly

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I echo all these feature requests.

With the exception of #1, my feature requests are the result of my evaluation of Sublab against NI TRK-01, U-he Repro-1, and TAL Mod (each seems very underrated for bass in my opinion, and Repro can lay down some deep kicks).

Some context:

My distortion of choice is Creative Intent Tantrum (again, very underrated).

Sampler is TAL Sampler.

For stereo widening I use Microshift and Mastering the Mix Animate.


  1. morphable waveshapes in the oscillator, morphable filter, controlled by

  2. additional Lfo and env

  3. modulation routing system like NI TRK-01 - very quick and easy

  4. unison (or more effects like TRK-01)

  5. frequency selector for stereo widening → see Mastering the Mix Animate.

  6. Foldback distortion (like U-he Repro 1), with bias, bias Mod, and folds Mod envelopes. This is SO DOPE.

  7. DAC emulation on the Sampler→ see TAL Sampler and TAL DAC.