After a week or so of tests

…I haven’t found other issues or bugs beside what I have already reported by email
In my opinion great features would be: sample layering (I will go crazy if you will add it) sample zoom (fundamental IMO) , and as somehow already said an LFO somewhere.
I’m having a lot of fun with SubLab, I love the GUI and the concept behind it, very easy and intuitive
to use :+1::+1::+1::+1:

There’s already a sample layering section. ? :thinking: what do you mean by that ?
But Sample zoom would be a very nice addition indeed :wink:

I mean layer 2 samples, how can I do that? Maybe I missed something? :roll_eyes:

ok you mean 2 sample player instead of one. (i understand now)

You can blend 2 sample and load the results in SubLab for now… not handy but if you know what you’re are doing and where to go regarding sound design. Blending 2 sample can be a option. (bounce your choice of 2 samples, well mixed and EQ in whatever app)

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of course that’s an option
Correct, I mean exaclty that the function to blend 2 samples would be amazing…

Hey guys,

Agree with all these requests. Zoom would be useful for sure and sample layering would also be great.

Have put together a feature request list thread and will collate everything in there :+1:



Maybe @Residente you can check the feature request thread and add relevant request if it’s not in the @Gavin_FAW list and you should agree on delete that one to clean the forum

Cheers Guys