SubLab XL Feature and Improvement Requests

  1. Ability to apply macros to master EQ.

  2. Allow stereo sample recording post widener / stereo enhancer.

  3. Fix bandpass filter interface glitch.

  4. Activation on macOS Ventura beta.

  5. Velocity

Will update the list as we go along, thanks again everyone for helping out!


velocity velocity velocity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:


Amazing, love to see these thoughts taken into consideration! I plan to do a video on Sublab at some point and will definitely mention how the developers are working directly with the community (something more plugin manufacturers should do!)

VELOCITY! Please… first plugin I’ve come across that doesnt support it (unless it’s a bug). Big surprise to see it missing. Hope they see this and add it if its not a bug.


@beowulf, we’re on it and it will be in the next update :+1: