Sublab XL - room for improvement

Hi there, I recently purchased Sublab, and I’m loving it so far. I have two very slight problems that I think would greatly improve the plugin.

First of all, I absolutely love the internal recording feature - but it only records in mono! This is a problem especially with the new stereo enhancer, which of course I’ve been using when designing my 808’s. I feel like that would be an easy fix, and would really help with exporting samples.

Next, I wish you could add macros to the master EQ in the upper right. I do a lot of my tone shaping with that EQ so it would be nice to adjust it with the macros like you can with the smaller filter.

I know the developers have been very responsive with bug fixes and improvements so I’m hoping my requests will be heard. Thank you very much!

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Hey @Ghostplayer,

100% appreciate the feedback, I’ll have a look at recording feature and we’ll issue a fix for it as soon as it is ready.

Also macros to the master EQ is a good one…

I’ll setup a thread for feature request and put both of your suggestions on there

Thanks for the feedback!