Slide note help fl studio

how do i get sublab to pitch bend when i use slide nodes in the piano roll midi

Make sure the notes over lap and also click the bottom “glide” button and use setting like in the image below:


I use studio one 5 with mac m1. I over lap notes as every synth or piano for portamento or glide, tweaked some parameters on the glide section but nothing happens, it keep playing the first note, with and without legato.


Did you set a slower time? Also third party VSTs don’t work with FL Studio’s glide notes.

Also, do you want to test the latest 1.1.6 beta, we have a native m1 version that should run nice and smooth in an m1 daw!


Hi Gavin! I’m using studio one 5, i’ve downloaded sub lab two days ago, think i have the latest version right?

No, the beta is 1.1.6, we’re about to release it if everything goes ok with testing (which has been on going for the past few weeks) .