Slide/glides in one instance of Sublab

Hi how do i create different different slides/glides in Sublab like in FL studio because everytime i need to open a different instance

Hey @Trigger,

FL Studio glide notes only work with the FL Studio Plugins and not VSTs from other manufacturers.

It’s pretty easy, all you do it let the notes overlap and turn on legato…check the quick tip below for details. If you need more detailed info, just ask!

Hi im refering to the glide times can i switch between glide times in one instance of sublab example change the one note glide time to 1/16 another note to 1/32 in the same instance?

Ah ok get what you mean @Trigger , if you want to change the glide time between notes, then you can use an automation lane for the glide time parameter?

Would’ve been so much easier if Sublab allowed me to change between glide times for notes…hope it will be added as an update

Im working on alot uk drill beats so those glides/slides times notes are a bit tricky cause of the limitation im facing with sublab

Hey @Trigger,

Let me have a check in Logic and I’ll get back to you.