Sublab Midi Note Mode FL Studio

Is anybody having trouble getting glide to work in FL Midi not mode? If not, somebody please explain it to me. Everytime I try and use it, my nice 808 drum becomes short and unusable. The drum completely changes no matter how long or short I make the midi Note in FL Studio.

Please help!

Hey @Jaredastevenson,

did you turn “legato” on? That way when notes overlap they will glide from one to another. Also check the quick tip from our instagram. Sorry about the slight delay in getting back, we were on holiday for Christmas.


Thanks Gavin! Yes that helped a lot.
One thing for others who might get confused like me.

The “Glide” note on FL Studio does not work. You have to use regular notes that are on halfway into each other for the glide to work. This goes for even if you select “FL Studio Seq mode” from the menu or not. Use regular notes halfway into each other on a different key and you will get the glide effect you desire.


Ah yes @Jaredastevenson, I know what you mean now. Glide notes in FL Studio only work with FL Studio’s bundled plug-ins :+1: