Slide Notes not working in FL

Hey I’m using SubLab in Fl Studio (12.5) and slides notes are not currently working with SubLab. Just thought I’d let some1 know because I’m a fan of this plugin but I can’t use it on tracks with slides.

Also I don’t know about the practicality of adding this but the ability to import tuning files would be very much appreciated.

Hey @Esmietana,

Glide notes only work with the free plug-ins that come with FL Studio.

However, all is not lost. Check this instagram post for a quick tip on how to do glides in SubLab:

The next update has a few changes in how we do tuning. We’ve added a master tune which you can automate, allowing you to do glides using automation lanes, which is a way to achieve the same as glides notes in Fruity.