Drill Glides with Sublab XL

Hello, I’m still getting used to Sublab XL’s interface. Is there a glide function and potentially a guide to utilize it for drill bass please? I’m also using FL Studio, so would it be possible to achieve a similar effect to how that glides notes in the piano roll? I love Sublabs XL’s power and capabilities, so ideally want to keep using Sublab XL in my projects.

Hey @Karnis,

We’re working on this right now. We have a drill pack coming out in the next week or so and have made some changes to SubLab XL so that it that overlapping notes behave the same as glide notes in FL Studio. We’re also getting some tutorials together.

First thing, download the beta version of 1.0.3 if you haven’t already. You can find the links here:

Next up, to do Drill glides, just place the notes you want on the grid, in the new SubLab XL version, we will glide from lower note to the higher note. I’ve done a small image with what settings to make below, along with a short video…

Drill bass line midi:
Drill-808s-SubLabXL.mid (197 Bytes)
SubLab XL Preset:
Jungle Drill.subxl (25.9 KB)

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Hey @Gavin_FAW,

Thank you so much for your response that really helps! I’m looking forward to this drill pack you mentioned, I have a few more questions if you don’t mind. 1) I was thinking of purchasing the Sublab pack bundle to get everything, would the drill pack be included in that? 2) Does all the expansion packs work with Sublab XL? 3) Would the sale still be in effect if I wait for the drill pack?

*Edit: For a potential bug, I’ve been playing around with the note velocity toggle on the settings window, so that I can accentuate the glide notes. However, when I close down the interface and reopen it again, the toggle turns itself back off.

@Karnis no worries, we’re big drill fans here so we enjoying doing it!

On the sublab pack bundle, we’re doing an entirely new XL bundle, so it won’t be included in the original SubLab pack bundle that is already out.

I’m going to have a look at the velocity setting when closing the interface right now :+1:

Hey @Karnis

I second what @Gavin_FAW said!

Just want to add that we will be releasing SubLab XL expansion packs very soon. They will also be sold as a bundle and it will be the same kind of offer as the current SubLab pack bundle.

This is how it works - when you buy the Pack Bundle you will get every new pack that we release.

I’d recommend holding off for the SubLab XL expansion pack bundle especially if you want some more drill bass presets. The presets from the original SubLab do work in SubLab XL but they don’t utilize all the new effects and features that are in SubLab XL.


Hello everybody, @Julia @Gavin_FAW

How can I access the Glide function in XL like in sublab 1? So that I can automate global tuning?

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Hey @Gavin_FAW & @Julia,

That sounds great, thank you so much and will definitely wait for it to be released! Keep up the amazing work! :slight_smile:

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Hey there :wave:

The Glide section has been moved to this “Mod” panel here. Just click to view the Glide here:

The controls are a little different but it’s pretty much the same as the original :slightly_smiling_face:

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