[Update] SubLab XL 1.0.3 Beta - New Bitcrusher algo and more

Hey everyone,

Just uploaded a macOS beta of version 1.0.3, Windows has now also been uploaded.

  • We’ve added a new Bitcrusher fx, called “Redux”…it adds really nice digital noise from the signal with some nice stereo “air”.
  • We’ve updated our glide so that it works like FL Studio’s glide notes: If two notes start at the same time, SubLab XL will now glide from the lowest note to the highest, in what ever time you set for the glide under keyboard.
  • Velocity sensitivity is back working.

:point_right: SubLab XL macOS 1.0.3 Beta3

:point_right: SubLab XL Win 1.0.3 Beta3

Below is a short demo of the new redux algo in Crusher.

Thanks for the help as always,

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