[Update] SubLab XL 1.0.3 Beta - New Bitcrusher algo and more

Hey everyone,

Just uploaded a macOS beta of version 1.0.3, Windows has now also been uploaded.

  • We’ve added a new Bitcrusher fx, called “Redux”…it adds really nice digital noise from the signal with some nice stereo “air”.
  • We’ve updated our glide so that it works like FL Studio’s glide notes: If two notes start at the same time, SubLab XL will now glide from the lowest note to the highest, in what ever time you set for the glide under keyboard.
  • Velocity sensitivity is back working.

:point_right: SubLab XL macOS 1.0.3 Beta3

:point_right: SubLab XL Win 1.0.3 Beta3

Below is a short demo of the new redux algo in Crusher.

Thanks for the help as always,


downloaded and will check it out today (logic pro, ventura), and report back…


Thanks again @fisherking!


sounds good (crusher); fun to play with. XL is nice, a good upgrade from sublab. and (so far) running stable on logic. will report in if anything weird happens (outside of my weird basslines…) :+1:

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Thank you for this update! Works great! The redux also Is great! I don’t know if it was there first but hardcore algo is also great!!!

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Nice one guys, we have some new stuff also coming in 1.0.4 ( maybe we call it 1.1.0 lets see! )

Thanks again for testing and if anything comes up in the mean time please let me know :+1:


On It. Will test later today.

edit: Hmmm I am only seeing 1.0.2 in my account.

We haven’t released 1.0.3 yet, it is a beta, you can download it from the links above.


Thanks… sometimes Beta versions are put in our download links in our accounts.

Downloading now… thanks

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Hey Richard,

Sorry, we should’ve clarified that. Now that we’ve released SubLab XL we’re going to be posting the beta links in the community forum here rather than inside your accounts. We’ll just put the official releases inside your user account :slightly_smiling_face:

Take care,

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Ah hah… Thanks for the clarification Julie.

Clear now.

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the new sublabxl module really works in application as in vst in reason12, studio one mpc software and maschine the only concern if we can say is that I don’t have the sublabxl thumbnail in maschine even if it is good in synth machine nks!!