[Latest Beta Update] SubLab XL 1.0.4 Beta 3 - More noise types, fixes

Hey Everyone!

Since the last beta we’ve been working on the bugs that were reported. I’ve highlighted them below…

  1. Fixed issue where if you drag and drop a single sample you were unable to set the sample start/end markers.
  2. Worked on improving xSub clicking when “Phase optimise” is set.

Of the other things reported ( randomise preset and automation fixes ) we’ll get around to this in the next update!

The links below are a beta versions. Always backup your existing SubLabXL folder somewhere safe prior to running the installers. You can find your existing SubLabXL folder at the following locations:
Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/FAW/SubLabXL ( on macOS )
C:/Program Files/FAW/SubLabXL ( on Windows )

Beta Download Links

:point_right: SubLab XL macOS 1.0.4 Beta3

:point_right: SubLab XL Win 1.0.4 Beta3

What’s New

  1. We’ve added a new Noise FX module. This will allow you to add noise in the fx chain. A nice sound design trick is to add the noise before a Distortion. Also you can pan the distortion to the left/right to create more space to your subs.

  2. We’ve added an extra wave shaping type “Wavefolder”. It works the similar to the other shapers and is great for adding harmonics to your subs.

  3. Another new feature is the option to “Optimise X-Sub Phase”. What happens here is that we phase shift X-Sub’s sub bass tones in relation to the Synth engine, to optimise perceived loudness and eliminate possible phase cancelation issues between the Synth and X-Sub engines. We’ve also increased the range of the volume of the X-Sub harmonics. What all this means is that you can really simply create sub-bass sounds like the type Mr Bill describes below👇 …we’ll be releasing a deep dive blog post on the topic soon. For now just check that everything is working ok.


  1. We’ve added another extra option to align the start phase of each of engines. You can experiment with this setting if you are having phase alignment issues between imported samples and X-Sub.

  2. We fixed a bug where X-Sub was running out of phase with the Synth engine. This happened when pitch modulation was applied to the Synth.

  3. We’ve improved the hard-reset mode performance, where by it shouldn’t click as loudly when a new note resets the phase of each of the engines when you have enabled hard reset. We recommend however mostly using “First note restart” as the phase reset mode.

  4. We’ve added the ability to import in folders of samples. Just drag in a folder and it will imported, with the folder name appearing a sub-menu in the available samples list. :clap:

  5. We’ve added Windows 7 support, but you’ll need to do some extra steps in order to get it to run. We’ll be updating this thread with those steps early next week.

Ok, that’s it for the moment…enjoy testing out the new features and if you run into any issues please let us know in the comments below.



Thanks… of course very minor and cosmetic, but my downloaded PC version says 1.03.

Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 2.36.18 PM

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Update the correct link @zvenx :+1: :+1:


I am very glad to hear about all of these improvements & compatibility bugfixes.


Just installed. No problems so on


so far, so good here (logic 10.7.7 on the current ventura 13.3 beta). worked a couple of hours, and all is well.


Nice one @fisherking…we’re getting ready to launch tomorrow so thanks for the feedback!


Sublab XL 1.04 RC zip reporting as corrupt on windows with 7zip.

Fixed now or I had a wierd issue, but I tried twice to verify before posting. Thankyou


Yeah, we were having the server time out due to everyone trying to download the update at the same time, which then corrupted the installer file!

hello, testing ver 1.4 beta 3., here , so far no issues , very stable on a MacBook Air m1 , running on live 10 . loading banks . presets all ok , will dig more …

Good news @monochord :+1:

I previously lived in Denver and have both hung out with and attended class taught by Mr Bill; all around awesome guy. I would love to break a little or perhaps a little more of his experimentation and fun personality for a producer exchange with [pick your poison] in return for exchanging some midempo for almost anything else in his sets.

a little part of me dies (most of the rest long dead inside) after seeing a post that could have in fact been 28 days later but I lacked the patience

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