SubLab 1.1.5 Beta Thread

Hey everyone!

Here is the SubLab 1.1.5 beta thread. Don’t have access to the beta? Then reply below and I’ll get you setup.

We’ve just sent out the latest beta of 1.1.5 for macOS and Windows.


  1. Main fix in 1.1.5 is that the bug introduced in 1.1.4 where the audio was cutting out on certain presets not longer happens. If you were experiencing this issue, then please download the update and let us know if it is still happening.

  2. Includes a fix for phasing issues between the sampler and synth/x-sub.

  3. We’ve added support 32/64 bit macOS and also released the Windows Beta.

  4. We’ll be sending out an trial M1 specific macOS build soon.

Things to watch out for!

  • Do you notice any change in the processor usage?
  • Do your presets and saved sets open/close ok in you DAW?
  • Do you have any issues with activation?

Thanks again for the help!


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Not sure I have access to the 1.1.5 beta for Sublab. Please help! I went to download the installer on my profile but it’s saying version 1.1.3

PM sent Henry.


Guys, still happening regularly and randomly:

When opening project, preset sets itself to “No Low 808” preset. Closing and reopening project and it then sets itself correctly.

This can be disastrous because if you save the project in this state, that preset is written to the project - forever losing your original settings.

REAPER (Latest version), however for the record it has been doing this forever.

Hey @Ferro,

Ok, so I’ll walk through this…

  1. You have a project open with SubLab, it’s the preset “No Low 808” and you make some changes to the sound, but you don’t save in SubLab.
  2. You save the Reaper project and the changes to SubLab are saved in the daw project
  3. You open the project after closing and it returns to the original “No Low 808” preset and not the one save in the project that has your changes.
  4. If you close and reopen, it loads up your changes. But you need to be careful because if you save at the state in point 3, you loose your changes.

Let me know if that sounds right and I’ll have a look.


Hey Gavin, sorry I’ll clarify.

  1. I make my own SubLab patch, completely from scratch custom, or choose one of the presets. Save project and exit.
  2. Randomly (there’s no consistent scenario afaik) when loading this project it will default to the “No Low 808” patch. Like, it’s resetting to that specific patch. Always that one btw, and it happens to be the first one in the list so it’s almost as if SubLab is getting a Program Change message and setting it to MIDI Program 1.
  3. If I immediately exit and reopen, it will correctly open the original patch.

And I was adding, if you happen to SAVE during this incorrectly loaded state, it will then save No Low 808 as the current preset, because technically at that moment it is the state of the track - and this is very bad.


Ok, I have it now @Ferro, thanks for taking the time to clarify, it helps a lot.

Hi Gavin,

Can I please request access to this?


Just sent you a PM with the download links @Dragonbyte!

Thankyou, I should have read tho I dont do Mac :joy:

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Hang in there Matt, we’re getting the Windows build on the go as soon as we can :+1:

Hey there, I’d like to become a beta tester

So I assume if I have a mid 2015 macbook I cant download the beta? I’m still getting those random audio pops on the 808s and it’s killing me inside. :frowning:

@Hartknocks can you take a video or audio recording of the clicks/pops. Also can you let me know what version of sublab you are using, what macOS you are using and also what daw and buffer settings your got there.

Applied for beta but never received confirmation, only an email with download link and an update description. So am I in!? If so, I will get to testing and posting here ASAP.

Hi Gavin, i have noticed a little issue when installing the standalone app. The path of the app icon is hard coded (guess it is the developer’s path :D) and consequently might not work on many users pc (i don’t know whether mac users got the same issue).

The default icon path when installing:

I corrected it manually and everything is ok:

It’s not a big deal but would look more professional if this is fixed :wink:

Quick sum-up of my 1rst testing session:

In previous release, I experienced the issue where the audio was cutting out, especially when changing presets. This is definitely fixed on my configuration (Windows 10 / Ableton Live Suite 11).

  • Do you notice any change in the processor usage? no, still the same except when loading a preset where it is seamless now
  • Do your presets and saved sets open/close ok in you DAW? yes everything’s ok
  • Do you have any issues with activation? no, just installed the beta and everything’s ok

Found out a glitch issue when opening Sublab as Ableton Live is playing.
Please watch this video what actually happens

Testing Beta Results: Sublab still unusable since I purchased it a year ago. There’s a high pitch distortion sound in about 90% of the presets.

Computer specs:
CPU i7 8700K
Cubase Pro 11.5

Solution: Fire the developers. Use some of that marketing money into development.

Ok, good catch! I’ll have a look into it and fix in the next beta version :slight_smile: