[Update] 1.1.6 update thread (latest beta 3 macOS release 5/12/21)


This is the thread for beta version 1.1.6 of SubLab. I’ve put a list together of the bugs and issues along with how we are getting on.

Bugs and Issues:

  1. Crashing in FL Studio (Done, needs testing)
    Did extensive testing on macOS and PC and found a bug. If a preset has a missing sample then the plugin with crash. We’ve fixed this in the latest beta build.

  2. M1 Native Support (Done, needs testing)
    We’ve built an M1 native version of SubLab. The native M1 installer will work on both 64bit and M1 macs, but not on a 32 bit processor. The regular installer will work on both 64bit and 32bit macs.

  3. Fix missing assignment of “Attack” parameter in Maschine. ( Need to verify if in fact we left out attack on purpose). (Done)
    We left out attack on this as it was not relevant to the preset.

  1. Verify that phase reset setting is working correctly (Done)
    When enabled, the phase is reset when the voice has finished. The phase won’t reset if SubLab is still playing. This prevents clicks and pops in the sound.

  2. Release Windows version of beta (Done)

  3. Sampler crackling in FL Studio on Windows and MacOS. (Done)
    Fixed in the lastest macOS and Windows beta. Please check and if your still having the issue, let us know below.

That’s it for the moment, we’ll be adding more items to the list and updating the status as we get through them.

Thanks as always for the support!!


Hello Gavin I send you a PM + a chat message request to reset everything and add my second license of sublet. Can you provide me the last beta of Sublab? (MAC) please

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Hi, you sent out beta 4, but both links lead to the same mac installer, that is there is no windows installer.
Why for every updated (beta or otherwise) do I have to reset the interface size and fl seq note mode to on?

@zvenx, the installer overwrites the existing setting file, I’ll have a look at fixing this…also thanks for the heads up on the beta version link, just fixed that now :+1: :+1:

Btw, do you test all the version we send out? If so I’ll send you a pm about testing something new…

Hi, Trying to download the latest Windows beta from the link sent earlier today but i get the following error:

<Message>Access Denied</Message>

Edit: Working now. Thanks.

Hi Gavin,

I mailed your team a while ago about the problem I have on mac with opening 1.1.3 instances of the plugin with 1.1.5 installed. Julia’s mail with the beta ended up in my spam apparentely.
After reading your mail I installed the beta of 1.1.6 and it work now. Thanks a lot!


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Once I am not traveling or knee deep in a big project with a ridiculous deadline, I do.

I am getting that now.

Were you able to download the beta? Or still getting an error?

I was still getting an error, let me try now.

edit: just tried again… downloading now.

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Let us know how it goes with beta 4.

Will do…
Already reported the reset of size and FL sequencer mode on mac, happens on PC too.

This may have come up before, I don’t remember. Is there a reason where there is no Asio Driver access in the standalone version on PC?

I had asked this when I first bought Sublab maybe two years ago.
A FR for the ability to change the octaves in +/- increments…
Yes I know about the FL Sequencer Mode, which does -3 Octaves, but with my 61 note keyboard I really just want one octave lowered and with my 32 note keyboard a different number of octave.

Hoping one day you can just allow a preference to set the global octaves by +/-1 increments.


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@zvenx, thats a totally reasonable feature request. Let us have a look into it, the main thing will be where exactly we can put it on the interface…maybe down in the bottom corner where the keyboard settings are currently :+1:

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That would be great.

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I see we have gone live.
Several issues though.
One I brought up over two years ago!!!
because you store the favourite information in the patches themselves…whenever I update it wipes out which patches I have favourited for the factory bank.
I brought this up TWO YEARS AGO!!!
this is ridiculous.

Also separate and apart, thanks for the best of… works fine on my mac, but on pc, none of the patches even show up.


@zvenx are you sure it’s still overwriting the favorites?

We have added a script that when installation starts, copies all the factory presets out into a safe place and then once installation finishes, it copies them back in again. We’ve tested this here but maybe there is something up.

Can you favorite a factory preset and also change some of the parameters (say mute the synth channel in the mixer) and then reinstall using the version new release version.

Then open back up and check if your preset is still favorited and that the mixer channel is still off. If it is reset then something is up. We’ve tested here and it works but there maybe some edge case (related to file permissions) that we haven’t caught during testing.

Just tried on mac and pc.
On Mac (11.6.1, intel) it worked 4/5 times…

on PC… yep dumped the favourites and rewrote everything (windows 10)


Also on PC, and I should have said something during the Beta testing, the shortcut on the desktop does not retain the icon of Sublab.


I downloaded the new update and the new free sublab pack. They sound great!

I bought up in the forum a few months ago that there is no way to change the tempo in sublab when running in standalone mode. I was told at the time that this would be looked into but i’ve tried the new update and there is still no way to set it? Am I missing something or is there indeed no way to set project tempo when in standalone mode?

This is important because the tempo directly affects the “glide” feature and how long it takes for one note to glide to another… at the moment my bpm must be set REALLY low because even when it’s set to a 1/16th it takes about 5 seconds to settle on the new note after a glide. If there is no way to set tempo then it sort of makes the standalone app pretty unusable.