Logic 10.5.1 Drill Glide

Hey, FAW Community, I was wondering if I could ask for some help with SubLab. I’m having trouble with the legato glide parameter.
Lately, I have been making a lot of UK/NY Drill beats and there has been one thing that has been in my way of crafting an accurate sound for it.

I have the glide set to 1/16, and the release set to 1.0ms. When I put two notes right next to each other, the second note doesn’t play at all. The second note goes completely silent for some reason and they do not overlap (I quadruple checked as well as used the brush tool to make sure that I wasn’t making any mistakes). Any help as to why that would happen?
Also, if anyone can give me some tips to make better Drill 808 baselines in SubLab?

Hey @DeeJayA.A.Ron,

Have you tried turning legato off? With a short time of 1/16 and the 1.0ms release, the note should be finished and it should retrigger.

Also, I’m well up on UK drill, what track you listening to specifically and I’ll see if I can recreate it…


Okay, I’ll try that method and get back to you. Thanks for the advice!

Hey @Gavin_FAW

I tried out what you said, and it improved the sound of it a LOT! I still have trouble making the 808s sound accurate to some of the drill records that I hear on the radio, for example DIOR & GATTI, by Pop Smoke. I realized that in order to have faster glides, you have to use a really quick glide time signature with the right curvature. I’ve also realized that some automation might help with glides at different speeds. I made a bassline using a stock sampler and copy & pasted the midi on the SubLab track. Since most of my glides were really fast I went with instant, and jumped octaves changed the curve to 10% so it can really be noticed. my other question is, if you stack two notes on top of each other, will SubLab play the note that’s higher on the keyboard? Also will SubLab have an update where you can change the glide by either milliseconds or beat-synced time signature? I think it would really benefit the plug-in. Should I upload an Audio example comparing the two and to see if I can get the glides from SubLab as emphasized as the 808 I used in the stock sampler?

Thanks Again,
DJ A-A Ron

Hey @DeeJayA.A.Ron,

  1. If two notes are stacked exactly the same, afaik, SubLab will play the lower of the two first.

  2. On the glides, so by setting to instant but reducing down the curve, you were able to get it to get the correct speed you wanted? I think we should also have a 1/128 or maybe disable and use milliseconds :slight_smile: