Glide without notes overlapping

Hey guys, I just want every single note to glide, also notes that don’t overlap. Is there a way to do this? It seems like they have to overlap to glide

If you want every note to glide, just set the glide time to be anything other than instant. That should work. We need to do a video on glide, its in the to do list and we’ll probably get it done once 1.1.1 update is out the door :slight_smile:

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It doesnt work, what am i doing wrong?

Only legato/overlapping notes glide

I guess it’s not possible? I tried to add a Video with an example of it not working but I can’t add links to a post

Hey Marcus,

That should work, what version are you running?


Version 1.1.0 24 Jul 2019

I tried it in both Ableton and Logic, doesn’t work. Here’s what I do: Open sublab, go to glide, change time from instant to 1/4 > No glide, only when playing legato/overlapping.

Yes, your right @marcuscw, I was thinking of another case. This should be easy enough to add in. I’m putting it in the backlog in the feature request thread :+1:

Awesome thanks, I use it all the time on 808s in kontakt!

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Yeah, I think that we need to expand out glide. Another good feature request that came in is to have a master tune that can be automated. I’ve noticed watching some youtube tutorials that people use the master tune with automation to draw in their glides.

hey hey, any word on this update for getting glide to work without overlapping midi notes? if I missed a more relevant thread in my search, hit me up!

Hey @JShiggity,

Sure, what you need to do is once you notes are overlapping is to click the the “glide” icon in the corner, turn off legato and then adjust the “time” setting. You should then have notes glide from one to another…also check the tip on instagram :+1: :+1:

:point_right: Future Audio Workshop on Instagram: "#SubLabTips How to do #808 and #subbass Glide Notes with #SubLab ✅ click our to learn more 👆"