Octaves not working in ableton?

using Sublab in Ableton, encountering unusual issue…

octaves aren’t working. like, I’ve programmed a certain melody in and its ok - but then when I want to do a new MIDI section with notes higher or lower out of the range I programmed… nope.

i.e. I’ve got a C# 1 programmed in. doesn’t matter whether I move it up or down an octave, the exact same tone plays at that same frequency.

what the hell is going on?

never had this happen before. not sure if it’s because I haven’t attempted to do this and bumped into this limitation or there’s something in the project that’s glitchy and it SHOULD be able to go up/down octaves as one would expect.

please advise on how to get working normally like any other vst so can program outside this single range of notes. :pray:

Are you using XSub only?


i wasn’t sure, but appears so.

looks like just gotta automate a sine wave in to hit the notes out of that range.

I appreciate the quick, easy insight/answer. :pray::beers:

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Yes, the thing with X-Sub is that it stays in the sub-bass range no matter what note you play!