On my own created Sublab 808's C0, C1, C2, C3 are the same?

Might be a dumb question. When I use a preset, I can hit all the keys from C5 to C0 and the sub will play like regular notes all the way down. If I use my own preset of a sub I created, my octave range is only from lets say C3-B3, then it’s the exact same notes from C4-B4. I’m importing a sample, only using the synth & x-sub.

Is there something I’m not enabling or doing right to get an 808 to play the entire range of keys?

Hopefully I got the wording right lol. Thank you.


Hey @jkonthetrack

I get what you are describing but not sure what exactly is happening. Would you be able to do a screen grab of the behavior? Screenflow is great for doing it, the demo version should do it fine: https://www.telestream.net/screenflow/

If the screencast is too much trouble, maybe sending me over the preset you are having the problem with might help. Also, just to confirm, it only happens with your own presets, not ones that come with SubLab?


I was just going to screen record and figured out what the problem was. When I made my presets, I made it off of the X-Sub Full Harmonics preset instead of starting from new. So I guess the way that sub is setup is something different but when I hit the new button, it all works the way I wanted it to. Don’t know why something simple I overlooked lol.