SubLab Sample Issue

Congrats on the release! Bought it immediately and love it! I noticed something when loading my own sub bass samples… The notes are “clicky” even though the original sample has zero click. Tried to adjust attack, etc but it doesn’t really work. Is there something we can do to make the plugin play the sample exactly as it sounds?

Another nice addition would be to have individual ADSR for Synth and Sample


Hello i experiment with SubLab since a week now and load so many bass sample in it… i never had this problem. DO you load a Sample on a preset previously loaded ? Can you try to click on NEW (for NEW patches) it will reset SubLab for a new patches creation. (otherwise Synth, X-Sub and Pitch envelope can alter your sound)
From there load your sample. (did you set the tune section if your sample is C1 you need to map in C1 and then SubLab will correctly play)

Can you bring down in the mixer Synth and X-Sub so you will only hear the sample. Otherwise you will here a clicky sub bass but it’s from the pitch envelope and it’s wanted this perc attack because 808 bass is a derivative from the 808 kick with long decay/release and pitch envelope… so bring pitch destination to 0% by default it’s 20%

If you still have a problem :
Are you agree to share a problematic sample with us ? (even if the sample itself is not clicky)
(Because there many possibilities to fix it but it depends about the nature of your sample, is it a sub sample, a bass, what kind of bass etc…)


HINT : i do think people need to experiment with sample one octave higher and let SubLab Synth and X-Sub take care of the Sub register one octave lower than sample… just a Tip from Layering Sound Design)


Hi! Thank you for responding and the tips! I originally did start from a new patch and had the sample only playing… Loaded a higher octave too. I’ll share a comparison between the original sample and the sample loaded into SubLab later tonight.


I think the Blue one Vol is “Main Volume” and affect Synth and Sample…
Otherwise you wouldn’t have a blue color in the sample section (which is the color of the volume enveloppe) Therefore a more soften curve in the sample section IN OUT would be better to fix that kind of issue for sure

Try also to soften the attack of the volume enveloppe (in synth section)
Try to filter the Clicky part of your SAMPLE (Pay attention if it’s a sub you don’t care about filtering it if it’s a Bass filter it but not too much or it will probably kill the life of your sample)

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I appreciate the advice! Already tried every available option in SubLab to try and trick the sample section to not click. My original sample has no click at the front. I really just think it’s a minor bug in SubLab since every it happens on every sample I load. I’ll upload the original sample and also a recorded version through SubLab to verify the click.

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Tried to upload a dropbox link of the files but I guess you can’t on this forum. Any other option to get these files uploaded?

Hey @maine207, send the dropbox link to me at and I’ll try and add it to the forum…


Hey Gavin! I emailed the dropbox link… Thank you!

I have the link @maine207 :slight_smile: I’ll have a look and get back…

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Sweet! Thank you Gavin!

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Noticed that the sample playback is missing some of the initial transient compared to the sample being played outside of SubLab. There’s a softened attack when compared to original sample. Very noticeable on bass samples with some pointy punch at the front. Its as though the sample engine isn’t playing from the very beginning of the sample or its intentionally softening the beginning. Thoughts?

That might be the volume ADSR, it has a minimum attack time. Can you do a recording and send it over to me along with the original sample @maine207

I have the exact same issue and it doesn’t matter what sample I load or even what preset I use. They all click. Even the presets with no sample; synth only. They all click and adjusting the ADSR, adjusting filters, adjusting the levels, eliminating the synth or the sample does nothing. Nothing gets rid of it. It’s so frustrating that I’d stopped using sublet for several weeks and went back to just using 808 samples in my drum vst. I’m trying again to use Sublab but I can’t finish a song because this clicking is driving me nuts.

@Joeblk, just to confirm what your experiencing. No matter what preset you use, you always here a click? We’re not experiencing this here, but lets get to the bottom of it!

That’s correct Gavin. It’s difficult to figure out what’s causing it because it happens when i load presets and it happens when I load my own samples. I even tried loading non-808 samples such as snares and hi hats and it still happens. What’s even more odd is that it’s not every note played. It SEEMS like it’s when any octave of the C note is played but I need to reinvestigate that (not at home right now). It may be additional notes.

Further, the click does not happen at the start of the note. So adjusting the attack has no effect. It comes well into the note being played. It almost sounds as if the note is trying to start again from the middle because the click is accompanied by a slight, temporary boost in the signal.

I apologize if my explanation is lengthy and/or confusing. I really appreciate you getting back to me and I just wanted to try to give you as complete details as I can.

By the way, just for a bit more info. This happens when I use Sublab in either Logic Pro 10.4.6 or Reason 10.4

Thanks again for responding.

@joeblk the above info helps a lot as I was thinking it was an attack click, but your describing something different. My feeling is that it is a momentary spike or crackle due to either graphics rendering or something internal in the audio library.

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I’m having a similar issue. Lots of artifacts present even when the sampler is empty/off. otherwise love the beefy bottom <3.

Hey @TASKTASKTASK, have been looking into this over the past days and have come up with a solution. We’re going to be releasing a beta in the next days for 1.1.1 so if you want to send a mail through to support with the title “From Forum I was invited to beta test”, we’ll add you to the beta mail out list.

Thanks for the help!

Same issue here, lots of clicks. I can eq out, but would be nice to not have to! Thanks

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I hope youve found a way through this by now but if not i noticed that if you have the pattern recorded already, and consolidate the pattern, or render it as an audio clip, the “click” goes away! hope this helps! happy producing!