Clicks and Pops for the " Best of Bundle "

Hello !

I Just installed the Best of Bundle and found that some of the presets does not sound natural on low and short notes :
Neck & Wrist

Video :

Hey @luciancalinbalintoni

I’m not having that issue here so it sounds like a settings issue. Could you send me a screenshot of your “Note Settings” and “Audio Settings” tabs?

Also, just a side note - Milwahkee and Brooklyn Smoke are presets from our Drill Subs pack. They sound quite different from the usual 808/sub because they’re for Drill. These presets will sound best on longer notes with some glides :slightly_smiling_face:

Take care,

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Hey @luciancalinbalintoni

I can hear the clicks there, but I’ve just checked the pack and not hearing that here.

As @Julia said, an upload of your “Note Settings” would be super useful!

Yes, sure. Here are my settings.

The clicks and pops are present only from c3 notes and down and only on short and quick plays ( or quick note repeat ).

Ok, looking at your settings…“Only Apply Decay of ADSR to Sampler” needs to be turned on. This is a global setting and when you install SubLab it is switched on, but if you turn it off then it may cause some presets to click.

I think we need to update the help text to say “Turning off can cause clicks on some samples”.

Thanks. It sounds ok now.

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Great news @luciancalinbalintoni!