Clicks and pops after dragging sample

I have the latest version of sublab but I’m experiencing clicks after play a sample I imported. I tried increasing the attack and other things. Nothing is working. I’m using FL studio.

Hi @xDomino3x

A couple things:

  1. Do you have Reset Phase turned on?

  2. Do you have FL Studio Seq. turned on?

  3. Are you on Mac or PC?

Let me know,

I’m using PC. And I have reset note phase and currently on and fl seq mode is turned off. What is it supposed to be on? Although for me it doesn’t matter what settings I use, I still get clicks.

Hey @xDomino3x,

What’s the exact version you’re running? You can find it by clicking the sublab logo in the top left corner.


It says I’m using Version 1.1.3

Are you using the onboard sound card by chance? Also if you close the interface, do the clicks and pops go away?

On board soundcard? Are you asking if I’m using the default soundcard or an interface? I’m using an interface but the last time I checked, I got the same popping sound when I used my computers soundcard.

@xDomino3x, yes the default sound card, sometimes clicks and pops can come from there.

What about closing the interface?

Sorry about the delay I didn’t get a notification saying you responded. Yes i tried playing it without the interface and it still got clicks.

I got the same problem. Imported Samples do not sound the same when played with Sublab. Furthermore the created synth sound changes it´s click sound when being played constantly. Makes this plugin just useless for me.

Is there anyway you can send me a video or an audio file? The forum allows you to post them here.