Clicks and pops in sublab

Hey i just bought sublab im using a m1 mac with the Ventura OS.

Im getting alot of clicks and pops when using the presets. Not all but most of them. can this be resolved?

Hey @penth

Have you tried the latest beta version here:

Let me know if it fixes the clicks and pops!

Thanks and great to have you onboard :raised_hands:

Hey ive downloaded it and i still have clicks and pops. Ive tried in both logic pro x and FL studio using the default audio drivers aswell as various audio interfaces. Tried changing buffer size aswell.

Its still usable within a crowded beat with lots of tops frequencies but in a beat where the 808 needs to shine on its own im not able to use it as id like sadly.

Is there anything i could provide you with in order to aid in researching the issue?

Im using Rosetta on M1

Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 22.28.14

Hey @penth,

Do you want to test SubLab XL and see if you are having clicks and pops there also?

I’ve sent you a pm…


Hey I just purchased Sublab XL, when I import my own clean 808 samples I get pops and clicks on the attack and decay. but when I play the samples in Ableton lives sampler they’re clean. i’m on Mac Os 10.15.7 32GSDRAM 2019 Macbook Pro

Hey @Jerdm20

Can you let me know what version of SubLab XL you are running?