Clicks and pops in sublab

Hey i just bought sublab im using a m1 mac with the Ventura OS.

Im getting alot of clicks and pops when using the presets. Not all but most of them. can this be resolved?

Hey @penth

Have you tried the latest beta version here:

Let me know if it fixes the clicks and pops!

Thanks and great to have you onboard :raised_hands:

Hey ive downloaded it and i still have clicks and pops. Ive tried in both logic pro x and FL studio using the default audio drivers aswell as various audio interfaces. Tried changing buffer size aswell.

Its still usable within a crowded beat with lots of tops frequencies but in a beat where the 808 needs to shine on its own im not able to use it as id like sadly.

Is there anything i could provide you with in order to aid in researching the issue?

Im using Rosetta on M1

Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 22.28.14

Hey @penth,

Do you want to test SubLab XL and see if you are having clicks and pops there also?

I’ve sent you a pm…


Hey I just purchased Sublab XL, when I import my own clean 808 samples I get pops and clicks on the attack and decay. but when I play the samples in Ableton lives sampler they’re clean. i’m on Mac Os 10.15.7 32GSDRAM 2019 Macbook Pro

Hey @Jerdm20

Can you let me know what version of SubLab XL you are running?


Hello, I am also getting pops and clicks on just about every preset. Is there any fix to this? I have updated to 1.1.9. This has been happening since I purchased and have not been able to use the plugin much because of the pops and clicks. Any fix to this?

Hey there :wave:

Do you hear the clicks on playback?

Yes, it happens with several presets that come with Sublab. It’s not the pitch parameter either.

@jgraham12345 I’m going to send you a free version of SubLab XL and can you check if you are having the same issue.

Also, it would be great if you can render out an audio file of the clicks and pops and I can have a look. Also useful would be a screen print of the midi you are playing.

Okay great! Thank you! I’ll test it out and see if that works. How would I receive it?

PM sent with a code for XL @jgraham12345!

Hey Gavin! I just wanted to let you know that I tried Sublab XL and everything sounds wonderful! No pops or clicks and the sounds are great. Thank you! This is much better.

I’ve been having the same issues with the clicks and pops on my beats. I make mostly make trap beats and its very noticeable. I’ve tried buying new packs updating and I still continue to have these pops.

I manage to get rid of pops and clicks by tweaking the release time of the Sample

@Aleko yes I’ve tried all those things adjusting with attack and release. I’ve also tried adjusting the settings and it still clicks and pops

Try also with the filter or the pitch for the attack, maybe will help? Let me know!

Yes I’ve tried adjusting all those parameters on both filter and synth @Aleko

Ok, so I’ll send you a copy of SubLab XL to test also via PM. Can you also let me know if it solves the problem.

@464mariomejia and @jgraham12345 can you both send me the midi files you are using when getting the clicks, the name of the preset ( or the actual preset is if it one you create) and then finally settings.xml from /Faw/SubLab folder.

That will really help as once I can hear the click I’ll know exactly what is causing it.

Hello everybody I have exactly the same problem and it’s very unpleasant there is un bug for sure, can you solve the problem for me please ?