Pops clicks and maybe a bug?

I’m a new user and I love SubLab! I am using SubLab XL in Ableton on windows 11. I have noticed that only on some presets I am getting erratic pops and clicks on the transient. It usually does it on the first trigger. Consecutive triggers don’t do it if the sustain has not yet died out. But going from 0 output to trigger causes the pops and clicks. For reference, I first noticed it on the crushed - chest exploder preset. Here’s another wierd thing: If I mute the synth, sample, and x-sub in the mixer i still here an output of a pop click… this happens for many presets. How is that possible if there are only 3 sound sources and they are all muted?

Thank you for your help!

It’s most likely the Distortion Module, which is probably active on the affected Presets.

Hey @patterns,

Let me check it out, also can you make sure that you have the latest version installed? We’ve done a lot of work under the hood to make XL virtually pop and click free, so if your having issues would love to solve it.