Annoying Clicking Sound

Hello People !
Almost everytime i press the play ( space keyboard ) button in FL studio i get a clicking noise with All the Sublab XL presets.
When i manually press the virtual keyboard the clicking sound disappear.
Only happens with sublab XL vst .

Example video : Clicking Noise - YouTube

Tested with sublab xl v1.0.1 vst3 in FL studio 20.9.2 windows 10 64 bit

Hey @luciancalinbalintoni,

Can you do a quick test?

If you create a loop and press the space bar, check if it clicks when the loop restarts as it loops back to the start of the looping section.

@Gavin_FAW I have the same issue, also FL studio latest version.

When note velocity is enabled it seems to introduce a clicking artifact on some/many presets (for example Ransom in Hits DNA Vol 3). Turning off note velocity removes the clicking.
The same preset in Sublab (not XL) does not have the clicking noise.

Gavin, the noise was present only the first time, after 1 loop it was not present anymore.
I think it had something to do with that specific project, because it doesen’t happen anymore.

Ok, that is interesting. Was the LFO used in the preset?

@Gavin_FAW Hello Gavin.
I can still reproduce the issue. It happens when I have play/have a piano roll loop where the notes have different velocities. For example: note 1 full velocity, note 2 half velocity, note 3 75% velocity. So something happens when it switches velocity. If playing the notes with the same velocity, there is no click.
Tested in “legacy” sublab again, and there is no issue, only in XL.

Yeah I can’t lie. Shit click as hell. I got both the plugins too. I bought the new one hoping the clicking and imported sample not sounding the same issues would be gone.


Can you let me know the exact steps you’re doing for having clicks in SubLab XL. We spent a lot of time and effort on development and really want to make it 100% so any help on recreating the clicks would be much appreciated.

In SubLab, we fixed the issue with imported samples not sounding the same. What was happening is that the blue volume envelope was being applied, but we added a settings (see image below) which allows you to bypass the volume envelope and thus maintain a clear path for the sample to the output.

Hello Gavin_FAW. I was just wondering if my explanation helps/produce clicking on your side?

@cyberboycoolen I’ve tested here and can recreate your issue, when I have re-trigg selected.

Interesting. I have done some further testing and the error/issue seems to be in the synth module. When I turn of samples/XSub, the issue is still there, the clicking does not seem to exist in samples/XSub. Also, when there is a distortion and compressor the clicking is heard more clearly. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Quick question, when you enable the distortion and compressor, you are sending in the synth signal to them?

Yes, the synth are at 100%. However, even if I turn off distortion and compression, or set them to 100%, the clicking is still there although much less… The point is that the distortion also distorts the click so it can be heard more. Makes sense? The actual click issue does not seem to be in the distortion/compression module, it looks to be in the synth module.

I think what is happening is that the distortion is amplifying any clicks that are present, as you can imagine if there is a click and then you run it through the tube, it will distortion and make more noticeable the click.

I’ve tested the velocity and can reproduce the click…I’m looking into it at the moment :+1:

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Hi @Gavin_FAW,

I tested the Windows 1.0.1 Beta 4, and it seems like the clicking is gone? :slight_smile: So, is it fixed now I guess?
Thanks and great work!

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Great news @cyberboycoolen!

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