Really Bad Pops/Clicks with almost every Sound

I just bought Sublab but I am really disappointed so far. Essentially every sound I get out of it has a really annoying pop/click/crackle at the start and sometimes at the end. I think it happens because the release of one note is improperly cut off by the next note resulting in a click. It also happens when I force stop the audio in my DAW (Fl Studio) and when the release is set to be almost instant. It mainly happens with the sampler but also with the synth module sometimes.

I tried changing almost every setting in the plugin but nothing seems to work. I have read on the forum that there is a beta version that may fix it and I would be happy to try it. (I am using Windows)
Thanks in advance

Hi Tom,

I’m sending you a DM with the Windows beta.

Take care,

r u on a Mac running FL?


I’ve sent you the beta links, can you test out an let me know if the issue is resolved?