Crackling/Popping Sound and HW Buffer switching

Hello, I recently bought SubLab the other day and I’m noticing pop & crackling on every sample I select and that I’m having to switch back/forth buffer engine in order for it to work.

I’m using the latest version of Pro Tools 2022 on a MacOS Catalina 10.15.7.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hey @TerryLemonsMadeThis sorry to hear about this!

We’re trying to get to the bottom of it, please bear with us.

  1. When you record SubLab and then listen on playback, do you hear clicks in the recording?

  2. Could you try turning on/off the following settings to see if it makes any difference?

  • menu > note settings > Reset phase on new note
  • menu > note settings > FL Studio Seq. Mode
  • “track” on the sampler engine
  • “loop” on the sampler engine

Please let me know,

Thank you.I don’t have FL Studio but I see it the Mode is ON.
Did all of the following and got this:

Terry Lemons

Hi there - jumping on the train here, I’ve got clicking going on too. For me, clicks don’t happen on the first note, or on repeat notes if you wait for the previous note release to complete. Just on new notes that play before the previous note has finished, as if it’s cutting the previous note at a point in the phase cycle that’s not at a zero crossing (like a bad edit in a DAW).

  • I’m running V 1.1.7 (R436)
  • I’m using Pro Tools, but it happens in the standalone app too.
  • I’ve tried the things Julia suggested above, clicks still remain.
  • Clicks exist in recorded audio too. At the moment to get around it I’m committing to audio, then running the audio through iZotope de-clicker to remove the clicks.

Great sounding product, looking forward to being able to avoid the time-consuming workarounds :slight_smile:

Redid all and got cracklings when drag/dropped sample. I will go back to my old way of making 808’s. This plug-in is not recommended for Pro Tools 2022 users. Lost around $75??? The plug-in plus purchased all the folders playing around lost time. Time to move on.

Terry Lemons

Hi @TerryLemonsMadeThis we’re sorry for the inconvenience - we’re working on a fix right now. We can let you know when a beta is ready with the fix or we can go ahead an issue you a refund now, whatever you prefer. You can send me a DM if you’d like a refund.

Thanks for this info @DJJ

Could you also let me know what’s your OS?

I come up with a workaround using Pro Tools:

  1. Open SubLab and click on the little red box in upper right to keep plug-in from closing when using other plug-ins.

  2. Click on HW Buffer selecting 512, close out. Open HW Buffer select 1024, close.

  3. At this point it will work properly without closing SubLab, so keep it open.

  4. Once you get the 808 sound you want bounce to audio…

Terry Lemons Made This Beat

I was on Catalina last week, now on Monterey, same issue in both cases so perhaps it’s not an OS thing.

Still getting cracks/pops and freeze ups with the little workaround. A bit annoying to this point. Again, not recommended for Pro Tools 2022 users.