Sublab XL Not Playing in Ableton

I just installed Sublab XL. Visually, it looks like it’s up and running fine. But I can’t hear anything coming out of it when I try to play anything. Other VSTs work and I’ve checked to make sure the track isn’t muted and that the mixer in the VST isn’t muted either. It looks like it’s sending some data somewhere, just not to my headphones.

Edit: It seemed to very briefly work when I removed the Tape effect. Putting anything else as an effect seemed to work for about a minute and then it just completely went silent again.

I have a same problem but in FL Studio. I need to activate sounds with piano roll, then it plays nicely for awhile and goes silent.

I actually find a solution. You need to start the bassline with one note or it doesn’t start playing. Just take a tip off the other note and start with one and it works.

Hey guys,

What exactly is your computer systems?