Midi note length

Hello everyone. I’m a new (enthusiastic) Sublab user.
I would like to understand if there’s a way to make the length of the sublab sample be that of the midi note in the piano roll.
For me, it would be very useful to be able to control the duration of the 808 through the midi notes.

I hope for your kind reply and thank you for your attention.


Yes you can do this, if you turn on the loop function, it will keep playing the sample while you hold the note.

We release a video tutorial on how to do it, check it out below :+1: :+1:

@ilb8 I would also add that you should fine tune the release time of the amp envelope. this has a big impact on how you handle rests

@ChristopheLambert what kind of range do you reckon is where you have most of your release times ( 0 → 1 sec etc)