ADSR for samples or global ADSR

This may have already been addressed, but I couldn’t find it.

How do you adjust the sample or global ADSR? No matter what I do, the 808 will last a full bar unless interrupted by another note. This is super annoying. Debilitating even.
I need shorter release times.

How do I shorten the length of the whole thing aside from bouncing to audio and doing it all manually?

I know there is the blue volume thing, but it just kinda changes the decay not the release.

Hey @pineapplemojo,

  1. There is a blue ADSR on the sample that has a fade in and fade out time.
  2. Then we have the main blue ADSR, which you mention. Definitely if you shorten the release time to zero, when you lift up a note it will immediately kill the sound.

To me it sounds like you’re in FL studio using the rack? I know that the rack has a setting where even if you lift a note, it won’t stop playing.


I’m using ableton. I think the blue thing that I’m talking about is the fade in/fade out time. Ok I got it. I didn’t realize that synth section ADSR (the one you are talking about) was the global one because I was only using the sample for audio.

To me, each section should have its own full ADSR.

Thanks for your help.