Support? Can't get a response? Sublab XL packs purchased from Pluginboutique not appearing

Hi, I have contacted support about this a few times now going back 12 days. I bought the Sublab XL expansion pack from Pluginboutique back on 2/15/23 and it said I would get all future expansions for free. However, the newer expansions are not available in my Pluginboutique account. The old packs are available to download individually but that is all. Additionally, there is no download in my FAW account on your website. Can you please get this resolved? I understand support may be backed up but it has been quite a while. Thanks!

Hi there :wave:

Many apologies for the delayed response on our end. It’s a very busy time of the year and we’re doing our best to get through a high volume of messages :pray:

I spoke with the Plugin Boutique support team last month and they’ve assured me that all of the new packs will be made available to anyone who purchased the Pack Bundle on their site. If you’re missing any of the new packs you should get in contact with Plugin Boutique Support Here.

They’ll get you sorted out!

Unfortunately it’s not possible for us to add downloads to your FAW Account at present, but that’s something we’d like to make possible in the future.

Take care,