Support? Bundle Pack Updates


I got in touch with support on 8th October but nobody has responded, it’s now 27th October.
More generally on support is there a problem with support at the moment? Overwhelmed? I got the automated response so a ticket should be logged. 15 working days is a long time. My question is below.

I own both SubLab and SubLab XL and previously purchased the SubLab XL Pack Bundle that says you will get all future pack updates free - How do I get the new Mr. Bill pack?

It’s not appeared in my account. When I look at my account the bundle it has a limited number of times I can download it (9 remaining), and it seems unusual to have to download the entire bundle for one pack, so how do I get it?


Hey Russell,

Many many apologies for my delayed response :pray: I just responded to your support ticket but I’m going to post this here in case it helps anyone else.

Please download the pack bundle again from the download tab inside your FAW Account. Once you unzip that folder you’ll see the new Mr Bill pack inside.

Don’t worry about running out of download. We can reset your downloads for you any time, just send us a message :slightly_smiling_face: I just reset yours Russell.

Take care,

Thanks Julia, appreciate you getting back to me.