Won't give me upgrade price

Hi I recently found out I had SubLab purchased on PluginBoutique and wanted to upgrade to SubLab XL…

  1. Messaged to get SubLab on my account (on FAW instead of just PIB) but now I see the activation code but I don’t see SubLab in my DL’s…

  2. I wanted this all so I can upgrade to SubLabXL with the $20 upgrade that is going on right now for product owners… but as I put SubLabXL upgrade in my cart - it is charging me $50 instead of the $20 (could it be because SubLab is not showing up in my downloads and its not registering that I own it?)

was also going through to see if I can just make the upgrade at PluginBoutique - looks like Upgrade price is $80 (although buying it w/o upgrade is $50) :frowning:

Hey there :wave:

I just sent you a DM with a discount code so that you can upgrade to SubLab XL for $20 :slightly_smiling_face:

If anyone else is reading this that wants to upgrade and doesn’t see the upgrade banner in your FAW Account - you can send a message to support and provide your original SubLab activation code. We will give you a coupon code to upgrade. Contact FAW Support :point_right: here

And, thanks for letting me know about the upgrade price on PIB. That’s an error, it should be $20 on their site as well. I’m going to get in touch to get it corrected.

Take care,