Sublab and Sublab XL

Where is the link for the discount for Sublab XL if we bought Sublab?

Hey @Big_T

If you log into your account on the website at the link below, you will see a banner with your special discount, just click the banner and the discount will be applied and you can go to the check out.

How much is the upgrade to xl

Mr. Gavin I don’t see any special discount. I originally purchased SubLab on Plugin Boutique and tried to have my license put on you guys website. It shows how many computers I have on my license but nothing else. I really would like to check out SubLab XL.

Ah ok, if you purchased from Plugin Boutique, the upgrade will be available via there site tomorrow :+1:

If you own SubLab, the price of XL is $20 USD.

Is this a set price for Sublab owners or a limited time “intro” price since it’s new?

Thats a good upgrade price

Hey Gavin,
Its says $20 but when I click on it on check-out it becomes $50 !! I would love to give the upgrade a try at $20 but $50 is too much, I’m sure its a bug and not intentional but still sucks.
I attached a screenshot of the original price.

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Did you buy from us or plugin boutique?

Hi Gavin, i purchased Sublab on the FAW website and have been unable to get the discount…

Hey, same problem here. I purchased directly on the website on May 25, I think with a discount at the time. I also only get the 50$ price

Plugin boutique but I just saw your replay regarding that, found it there with discount! thank you so much you guys are AWESOME


Is there an mpe feature?

I am having the same problem. Sublab is registered on my FAW account, but the price is still $50 in my cart.

Guys, I found it was added to the cart at $50, but then dropped to $20 on checkout. Not sure if that helps at all for some of you

My checkout still says 50 unfortunately. I’m going to email their tech support.

so if you hit the question mark at the bottom and put in a help request they will email you a coupon to get the $20 discount, provided you bought it from the website