Lack of communication


I am writing to express my frustration regarding the upgrade pricing for my purchase.
I recently noticed that the upgrade to the XL plan is still priced at $50, both when I log in and during the checkout process.

I’ve also reached out to your customer support team twice in the past two weeks but have not received any response. This lack of communication has left me feeling quite inconvenienced.

I have two inquiries:

  1. Last year, I purchased SubLab, and I noticed that the XL became available just three months after my purchase. Considering this, I wanted to inquire if there is a possibility of a free upgrade to the XL?

  2. If a free upgrade is not possible, could you please ensure that I can purchase the upgrade at the advertised price?

I believe this issue could be resolved more efficiently, and I would greatly appreciate your prompt attention to it. Your assistance in resolving this matter would greatly improve my overall experience as a customer.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.


Hey @Jong,

We’ve been working through a backlog of support the past few days, thanks for bearing with us.

I’ve highlighted your support request with @Julia and she will get back to you asap. I’ve also sent a private message.


Hi Gavin,

Thank you so much for understanding my difficulties.
You must be very busy with the start of the new year, but always stay healthy.

Thank you once again.


2024년 1월 10일 (수) 오전 12:49, Gavin Burke via Circle Synth Community <>님이 작성:

Hey @Jong I’m sending you a DM now!