Already have sublab but redeem still gives the same 50 price

Anyone know how much xl costs if you have already gotten sublab… and how to get a discount code



I got an promotion mail linking to their website which states $20 if you own SubLab already. However, when adding it to the shopping cart it costs $50.

Contacted support about that a few days ago, but did not get an answer.

They sent me a code today…do yours maybe will arrive soon…

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Thanks, that would be nice. For $20 it’s a no brainer and I would purchase it right away.

Same for me i own sublab and expansion and when i click on redeem for the discount it’s still 50 bucks. Very upsetting


Did you purchase the everything bundle?

For me this is the case and I only see the 50$ price, so that might be the problem

Get in touch with then…they gave me a coupon code abd now I am XL :wink:

I already contacted support on July 27 but didn’t get a reply yet. No problem, I think I’m the long run it will be better for them to fix the website than having a support case for every edge case customer

Hey there :wave:

The upgrade price is $20

If you bought SubLab from Plugin Boutique please head over to their site for the upgrade offer :point_right: here.

If you bought SubLab from us, you should automatically receive the discount on checkout. If you’re not getting the discount just send a message to and we’ll sort it out!

Take care,

Just for the record I still cannot purchase with the upgrade pricing on the Website and I also get no response to my support request other than the automated ZenDesk reply.

did you sent a direct email to them… thats what helped me get a code

Yes, once via the Help button on the home page and after some days manually to the same address (, also sent a direct message on this platform.

I also have a problem not seeing $20 at the checkout although purchasing at this website (the whole package deal that ran on July). I’ve sent two inquiries about it a week apart, but I’m still not receiving any sort of response. I’m worried discount days would end.

Hey @j1412,

Ok, @Julia will send you over a code…don’t worry though as we’ll have the intro cross-grade price running for a couple of months yet.


Thanks! Can’t wait to try it out!

So are you guys busy perfecting the new plugin? I’ve been asking for the discount code which I qualify for the last 3 weeks. It’s becoming a month now. It’s just a line of code is all I’m asking. I feel like you guys treat me like a passerby or something.

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Sorry for the delay - just sent you a DM :slightly_smiling_face:

:grinning: Got the DM. DL’d it, fired it, working perfectly on M1! Thanks!!

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Good news @j1412 glad you up and running!