Already have sublab but redeem still gives the same 50 price

I haven’t received the code either. I have Sublab looking to upgrade to XL

@Julia will get in touch asap @jackdoja :+1:

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I’ve sent the mail for the correct upgrade price request 3 weeks ago, but only received automatic mail reply.
Still waiting for discount code.

I want to get discount code too.
I’ve already sent request email about 3 weeks ago.
my email is

Hey guys,

We’re going to send out discount codes, @Julia can you sort the guys out with the cross-grade discount code?


Still no code sent? Could yoi check?

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@sjun3 Sorry for the delay! Please check your DM :love_letter:

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Namaste Julia…

Is there a way/place to sign up for this Code to be sent to my DM too? Pls/thnx - in advance

Yup, @Julia will get the code over to you asap :+1: