Already have sublab but redeem still gives the same 50 price

I haven’t received the code either. I have Sublab looking to upgrade to XL

@Julia will get in touch asap @jackdoja :+1:

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I’ve sent the mail for the correct upgrade price request 3 weeks ago, but only received automatic mail reply.
Still waiting for discount code.

I want to get discount code too.
I’ve already sent request email about 3 weeks ago.
my email is

Hey guys,

We’re going to send out discount codes, @Julia can you sort the guys out with the cross-grade discount code?


Still no code sent? Could yoi check?

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@sjun3 Sorry for the delay! Please check your DM :love_letter:

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Namaste Julia…

Is there a way/place to sign up for this Code to be sent to my DM too? Pls/thnx - in advance

Yup, @Julia will get the code over to you asap :+1:

Just purchased Sublab and then after realized XL dropped already, I’ve been living in a cave I guess.
Anyway, I see the site still shows the offer for crossgrade price of $20 but like everyone here, it’s not applying at checkout. would love to pick it up at the advertised price. @Julia can you help me out here.

edit: I’m on Win10, tried chrome, firefox, and edge browsers in case it was something browser related but still nothing. Installed sublab license via Fl21 sublab vst3. machine id shows in account. Purchased sublab through FAW site and not PB for clarification.

@Gavin_FAW @Julia
I’d gladly pick up the xl bundle sample pack too if we can get me sorted with the quickness for the $20 upgrade.
Especially since original sublab [ Even 1.1.9 Beta] still has a bug with Sample Volume ADSR [in the decay function] that renders the original plugin useless to me for sound design. If you guys can not get me sorted in a week I will be requesting a full refund. no hard feelings, it’s just time is money.

Edit: I’m also interested in getting involved in testing and bug fixes, I have experience in bug reporting for various other projects such as Vmpc2000xl, Audialab’s Emergent Drums and deep sampler, Fl studio ect.

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Hey Carl,

Ellis got you sorted with a coupon code so I believe you’re all set now :slightly_smiling_face:

You’d like to join our beta testing group for SubLab XL?

Take care,

I’m all set now but you’re customer experience is an entire migraine and a half to deal with.
might I suggest either finally fixing the banner for the upgrade to xl or implementing links in sublab that only validate if sublab has valid license. Maybe a two factor setup in the background that validates in plugin and another validation in link after login , or an automatic discount code sent out to purchasers of sublab, maybe it expires after 48 hours but a new code can be requested from the license area of account but only valid if unique coupon code has not been redeemed.

These are just ideas, have your team roll them around a bit, there has to be a better way than your current model.

I’m interested in beta testing if Xl beta 4 is being sent out to test, if not I’ll grab beta 3 from the forum. from my limited testing of XL so far everything works great, or at least the issues I was having with Sublab 1.1.9 beta. in fact there is a combination of options that I found in XL that produces the same click bug that is still present in sublab 1.1.9. I’ll detail that in the forum though.

I also have a suggestion for XL, Midi learn function in plugin. I can set these in FL21 via browse parameters and some link to controller functions but it would kill the work flow to have to do that every time I start a new project.


Great to have you on board. I’ve replied to your other post about the clicking.

I’ll have a chat to @Julia about the upgrade path and see if it can be optimised in some way. Obviously the last thing we want to be doing is making things tricky for paying customers!


First time posting in this forum. I have Sublab2 but am not getting the discount for an upgrade.

@Julia can you help @BassBtch out with a discount code for crossgrading?

I am in the same boat… already purchased sublab and it wont give me the upgrade price for subalab xl. I have 2 requests submitted to the help center but still no response… if i could get the upgrade price id purchase it immediately!

Hey guys,

Did you purchase from us? If so then it should give you the upgrade price if you login to the same account that you purchased SubLab through.

@Julia can you help the guys out and see if there is something up with their accounts?


seems to be the case man. I asked for help 2 weeks ago and still have not gotten any. I would do yourself a favor and look into an alternative. They aren’t going to respond.

Hey Ethan - just responded to your support message :slightly_smiling_face: