Sublab upgrade- sample carryover?

Do samples that I uploaded in the original sublab get picked up by XL if and when I upgrade?

Can anyone speak to this?

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I only have Sublab XL, but it has its own sample folder so I imagine if you just copied over the samples from the Sublab folder you should be good to go

Hey guys,

You can easily import in SubLab packs and when you do the samples that are used in the presets will be brought along with the presets that use them.

For the samples, we haven’t a feature that allows for the samples to be imported whole sale from SubLab → XL, but will add a feature request. It should be easy enough to implement.

If you’ve got an “Imported” folder in SubLab, you can always just drag the folder into XL and it they will appear in the sample browser. We’ve added a setting which will leave the samples where they are and not create a copy of them in XL…see the image below. When you set it to off, if you drop a folder from anywhere into XL’s sampler, it won’t copy them into “/SubLabXL/Samples/Imported”, it will just use a link to files from where you dragged them originally.