Crossgrade & Preset Management

I just bought the Crossgrade from SubLab to SubLab XL via Plugin Boutique and I have to say that the Switch is a bit weak.

  1. User Presets/Patches can’t be imported
  2. SubLab Pack Bundle has to be reinstalled completely
  3. All Favorites are gone
  4. Factory Pack Content is not cohesive (different Presets but same Pack Names in SubLab and SubLab XL)
  5. Some Packs like Hits DNA Vol 1 are completely missing in SubLab XL and can’t be imported from SubLab
  6. Bonus Samples Folder doesn’t exist in SubLab XL

If we could just import the whole SubLab Folder Content into SubLab XL or at least export the Patches from SubLab into Packs, it wouldn’t be such an overcomplicated Task to move from SubLab to SubLab XL. Just saying that this is another Plug-in is a pretty weak Excuse, as one is basically just an advanced or extended Version of the other.

Also a Search Bar to search for specific Presets by Name would come in handy. I really don’t get why you didn’t just include at least the Factory Content from SubLab into SubLab XL by default.

And User Patches should also be exportable as Packs, in both.