Some of sublab presets can not be recognized in sublab XL

Hi Gavin_FAW, I have a question related to this topic.

First, I am glad to know that I can use sublet presets in sublab XL.

But there is one thing I need to solve when I import presets from sublab to sublab XL.

I exported 4 presets from sublab and imported to sublab XL.

Those are Best Of Sublab.subpack, Richie Souf.subpack, Richie Souf - Red.subpack, Richie Souf II.subpack

The problem is, sublab XL can not recognize “Richie Souf II.subpack” Because of this, I tried rename the “Richie Souf II.subpack ” into like, “Richie Souf 02.subpack ”, “Richie Souf second.subpack ” and so on. But nothing works. I can not find “Richie Souf II.subpack ” only in sublab XL.

Sublab XL imports it only as “Richie Souf” so I can find just Richie Souf and Richie Souf - Red packs (and Best Of Sublab).

I hope you guys can convert every packs from sublab into sublab XL for upgrade users who bought those packs. Please be considered.

Thanks for reading.

WS Jang

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