Sublab cannot import packs

I cannot Import packs in sublab and everytime I try I got the message " OOPS .we are able to import the pack, please try again or contact"
If anybody got a solution to this ,please help a brother out .

I’m having the same problem! Its very frustrating when you keep getting that message.

Hey guys,

What is the pack you are installing? Also what OS are you running?

Been working on an update that past days so haven’t been able to check the forums due to this.


Hello :slightly_smiling_face: I am having the same issue. Julia asked me to post some information here.

-what DAW / version-Ableton 10.1.9
-what OS:Windows 10
-32 bit or 64 bit: 64 Bit
-confirm that you have the latest version of SubLab installed (version 1.1.3)-I am using 1.1.3

I was able to get Richie Souf II Pack installed

Thanks for your help and time


@Drugsiez, did you buy the pack bundle and out of all the packs only the Richie Souf II pack installed?



 I have been talking to Julia and am facing the same issue. I recently bought the subpack bundle as well. I use Fl studio 12, windows 10 computer, 64 bit. I'm not 100% sure my picture uploaded but I attached it with this comment. The Richie Souf II pack also was "imported" into my SubPack library, but no sounds show up. The other subpacks from the bundle do the same, just show up in the library, but do not have any sound. I also receive the same error. Any ideas?



Yes, I bought the pack bundle

Ok guys, we’re trying to put finishing touches on a beta, I’m not sure what could be causing the issue other than a windows 10 update has broken something, but then the fact the the Richie Souf II pack installed fine is a bit strange.

We’ll have a look ASAP and fix it for sure.

Just a quick question, did you buy from us or Plugin Boutique?


Bought it from you guys, not plugin boutique. At this point, is it possible for us to get just the individual packs (as if we bought them by themselves, not in a bundle) emailed to us? Maybe the bundle is messed up or something.

I am having the same problem. Only the Richie Souf II pack installed and none of the others in the bundle will work. I bought the bundle from Plugin Boutique. Are we just out of the money? If they aren’t working they shouldn’t still be up for sale…


Can you check what version you have installed? I’ve tested here with the latest version and I can install on both.

I’ve also sent you the installer that we have on our site via pm, can you check that too?


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I have the same problem, please help me

Hey bro, how did you solve this problem?

I’m looking into it now guys.


Try open your Daw as admin. This work for me.

Hi @jimey thanks for the tip! Are you referring to running as an admin on Windows or macOS?