New Subpack wont load

I purchased a subpack bundle. I follow the instructions to the “T”… but when i try to import the pack and it opens the folder to select the packs to import… the folder is empty… anyone else gave thus problem?.. i reached out to support a cpl days ago
… but nothing!!! Should i request a refund … would like to get it working if i can.

Hey @Deebaker74,

Which pack exactly are you trying to load?

The file name should be “packname.subpack”…can you make sure that you have this file also?

I’m here to help!


Hey Gavin- i purchased the Sublab Xl Pack Bundle. I have windows… i have attached 2 pics
… the first is the bundle folder after download. The second is trying to import the pack… nothing appears in the folder.

2nd pic Gavin…

Ok, I know what is wrong, you’re trying to import in SubLab XL packs into SubLab.

What we can do is give you a free upgrade to the SubLab XL? You have already bought SubLab and the pack bundle so it is fair I think!

@Julia can you arrange to give @Deebaker74 a free upgrade from SubLab to XL?

Thank you so much @Gavin. I wasnt aware that there was a difference. So sorry for the inconvenience. And thank you so much for the upgrade :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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I am super impressed by the good will & way of the FAW tech crew to solve this issue!