Richie Souf Red

Hello Sublab,

I was just wondering; I have bought the SubLab Pack Bundle from Plugin Boutique. I see that the pack should now be updated with Richie Souf Red, however when downloading the pack via plugin boutique it’s not included. Will that pack be updated as well, or do we need to buy richie souf red separately?

Hey @cyberboycoolen,

If you bought from Plugin Boutique, you’ll have to wait until early next week and then re-download the pack bundle.

Keep an eye on their site for when it goes live and thanks again!


Awesome news! Thanks.

It imports fine for me in sublaw on intel mac but gives an error trying to import on windows sublab.

Ok, let me have a look here and I will get back asap.


Hello @Gavin_FAW .

Sorry for asking again, but I don’t think the update is live in Plugin Boutique yet :slight_smile:

I can confirm the update is not on Plugin Boutique, I have checked also… :frowning: