Sublab loads on protools m1pro but error

now its showing up on my m1pro protools
but when I load it it gives me error and little later sublab keep plays sound for
one note and it won’t stop
I have to mute the track to make it silent but meter still shows sound is still active
and I can’t use it
please do something with the update to fix the problem!!! bought it but can’t use it

running on os monterey protools 22.4
sublab latest beta 4

Hey @NBP

Could you try a fresh install and then try to install our latest beta (you can find it here)?

Fresh Install:

  1. Delete any old SubLab installers you might currently have on your computer.

  2. Locate your FAW/SubLab files on your computer. Unless you’ve created a custom filepath, the files should be located at this filepath: “/Library/ApplicationSupport/ FAW/SubLab

At any point did you move some of the files around? Do you use a custom filepath for VSTs? Please look around and see if you find any SubLab files in other locations and then delete them all.

Please go into “/Library/ ApplicationSupport " and any folder related to DAWs, audio, etc. Delete all SubLab component files you find.

Delete these components:
Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Avid > Audio > Plug-Ins> SubLab.aaxplugin
Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/ SubLab.component

  1. If you have created and saved custom sounds on this computer, please copy and paste them out onto your desktop before deleting the program files. They are in the “…/FAW/SubLab/Patches” file, either given a custom name by you or titled ‘My Subs.’ Also, if you imported your own samples, drag out the “Imported” folder inside the “Samples” folder.

  2. Then delete all the "…/Library/ApplicationSupport/FAW/ SubLab " files.

  3. Restart your computer and install the beta from the link above. Please use the default installer settings (ie don’t create a custom filepath for now). Also, please make sure that your DAW is closed while running the installer.

  4. Once you’ve completed all the installer steps please restart your computer again.

  5. Now, launch ProTools again and try to add SubLab to a new track.

Please let me know if that helps or not,