Still lots of problems with M1 pro macbook Protools

I’ve installed the latest version which is 1.1.8 beta5? i believe
and it perfectly shows up on my protools (M1pro, Montery)
but its really hard to use because it starts clipping all of sudden and the bass sound won’t stop (meter on that channel is full) which I have to eject and reload the plugin everytime
also when it gives me the error message from protools it messes up the whole sound on the session (when I play it plays distorted sounds)
I get same error messages with omnispheres and some other plugins but it plays fine right after but sublab error message always ends in distorted sound session.

I seriously love this plugin but these errors are not getting fixed with these updates you guys are giving! Please take a note and try to solve this


Hey @NBP,

We’re releasing a new beta in the next days, can you hang on until then?