Macbook Pro M1 and Pro Tools 2021.12

Just got a Macbook Pro M1 and installed the latest PT 2021.12 and Sublab is not being recognized as a Plugin. Only opens in Standalone mode.
I checked where the files are and it looks like theyre in the right folder. Also trying to see if I can open with Kontakt Player 6 and still wont recognize it. Should I move the Sublab files to another folder or what other options do I have? Thanks!


We’re seeing a similiar issue and are trying to figure out what is going on. Once fixed we’ll release and update (should be in the next week or so)


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Hi Gavin! Any luck with the AAX plugin version not loading? Should I download the latest Beta?

@OSMONCA, we’ll be having a look on Wednesday/Thursday of this week…will loop back around then with an update on how things are going.

Morning, @Gavin_FAW

Just wondering what to do for Sublab to work in my setup. Let me know if theres a way! thanks

@Gavin_FAW I got it! its working. Got the latest update and everything sound great. Thank you for being on top of it!

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Hey @OSMONCA , so just to confirm, SubLab is working ok Protools 2021 on Macbook Pro M1?

Hey ya’ll, I’m working on a new MacBook Pro M1

I downloaded and installed SubLab for M1.

I can’t seem to locate it within ProTools (as an insert on an instrument track)…am I missing something?


Just to bump. I’m having same issue. Any answers? thx!

Hey @brizzle & @prmtv

We’re having a look into this and will get back to your ASAP!

Could you please confirm for me - do you see the SubLab AAX file in this location?
/Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins

Also, could you confirm are you using the latest version of ProTools?

Take care,

Hey Julia, thx for getting in touch. Figured it out, just had to install both files. Whats funny is that not all the libraries loaded. I’ll try to dig a bit more on that. Thx!

Hey! You installed both the regular SubLab and SubLab M1 installer?

Yes, first the M1 but that only installed the standalone version, then the regular and that installed the AAX :man_shrugging:t4:

@prmtv so I think what is up is that we don’t have an M1 native AAX version of SubLab. If you run the 32/64 bit installer, do you now have the AAX plugin installed in /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-ins ?

Hey @OSMONCA @brizzle @prmtv & anyone who might be reading this -

If you’re on an M1 and you’re missing your AAX file, please install the beta we just posted here.