Where is sublab .aax located?

I installed the most recent version of sublab for M1
but I can’t seem to locate .aax file anywhere
maybe thats why it’s not showing up on my protoolst

anybody know where sublab.aax file might be located on mac?


It should be installed into /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins

Let me know if you can find it ok…


yeah I double checked that folder and (unused) folder but
it’s not there
I see VST and component but no aax
is there a way I can get the latest .aax file alone?
I installed the latest update 1.1.7 beta 4 i think one that’s on the forum

Hey @NBP

You installed the M1 version, correct?

Is your version of ProTools running natively with Apple Silicon or are you using Rosetta?

Let me know,

Yes I installed M1 version
and PT is running natively with apple silicon

I read the other forum and solved the problem
you have to install both M1 and regular installer(this one gives aax file on installation) in order for sublab to show on Protools

Hey @NBP & anyone who might be reading this -

If you’re on an M1 and you’re missing your AAX file, please install the beta we just posted here.