Sublab not valid aax 64 bits for protools

I need help asap my plugin is not working with protools. I’ve been requesting help on this forum but no feedback. I need a refund or help asap!!! Protools 12.5 with sublab

I wish I knew Mac and ProTools. I’m a PC tech, not a Mac tech. However, maybe we can do remote session and figure something out, if you’re willing? I’m just an indie music producer from Wisconsin. I know how crappy it is when shit doesn’t work right. I just got Sublab XL, love it!

@VinceMom, there are two installers for macOS, if you are running Protools you should use the regular 32/64 bit installer.

@Julia can you send VinceMom a message about testing SubLab XL and seeing if that works?

Hey @VinceMom check your DMs :slightly_smiling_face: