SubLab Issue in Ableton 10

I installed an opened up SubLab successfully yesterday, but quickly started experiencing issues when saving USER presets, or changing stock presets for use. It seems to work okay when I use a stock preset, but when I altered a preset for my song and saved it something weird started happening. Upon playback, SubLab will play the first midi note and then a high glitched out sound will happen once and then nothing. You can see from the screenshot that SubLab is still receiving incoming audio but there is no output on the track in Ableton. The USER preset I made worked for a few minutes, but I can’t get anything from it anymore. I created several additional USER presets and the same thing is happening. I searched the forums and other discussions and have heard of similar things happening with other users. I am on a macbook pro using 10.13.6 and Ableton 10 using 10.1.17

Hey @erikcarlsson

Can you let me know what version you are using? You can check by clicking the “sublab” icon in the top left hand corner. Also let me know the full version number including the date that is displayed.


hey, i’m getting the same issue. reason 11, pc (i9 processor and equivalent other parts). When I open saved sessions which have used sublab One note will play a glitched tone and then the entire session will stop playing.
v 1.1.4 (r425)
5 july 2020 2:31:00am


Ok, let me check this out guys…


Did you come up with any solution to this? I’m currently having the same issue :frowning:

Ok guys…sorry about the delay in getting back!

First, 1.1.4 is experiencing issue. If you log into your account and download 1.1.3 (its the version that is currently available) then run the installer, you should not have any issues.

We released 1.1.4 for a short period and some bugs remain that we’re finding hard to fix. The only difference between 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 feature wise, is that 1.1.4 allows you to load stereo samples.

Let me know how it goes and I’m around to help!