Sublab in Maschine 2 standalone. Root note stuck

The first (Root) note that I pushed does not transition when i push following notes which ruins the experience. Any note that I push following the root note (it overlaps) only retriggers the root note. Sublab in my studio one DAW (when maschine is used as a plugin) works effortlessly. But the standalone maschine 2 app doesnt work properly. Anything that I am missing? a feature that is off or something?

If I use sublab anywhere else, like loaded as vst in STUDIO ONE, it works fine. This problem is only with maschine 2 standalone app.

Hey @primoworx,

I think I understand what is happening.

In sublab, when you press a note, hold it and then press another, it will glide up to the next note. What could be causing the issue is that the BPM in too low…also try switching on and off Legato.

When you turn Legato on, press and hold the root note and then play a new note, it will retrigger the envelopes and also restart the sample. If you have a kick loaded in the sampler, it will replay the kick. If the kick replays you know that you have a new note.

Thanks for the response. Turning on Legato does not work. With it on, the root note is not even triggered again, it simply just holds the root note (like Im just holding it) as i push other notes (overlapping each other)

Im noticing that BPM is not available in my sublab plugin as well. That’s not an option on my end.

Ok, so I reckon you might have an old version of SubLab…if you click the logo in the top left corner, then when the about panel appears, can you check what the current version number is? It should read 1.0.9 if you have the latest version.


Version 1.1.8. Should I redownload?

Yes, try 1.1.9…it is available inside your account under “Donwloads”…let me know how it goes!


Thanks again. I only see 1.1.8 version available for download on my end